----" Our goal is our clients

    --- financial success. "

AMCO Capital Management Corporation and our Investment Philosophy


AMCO Capital Management Corporation is a globally acting investment management firm with progressive market positions in the fields of passive, quantitative, enhanced and portfolio management. AMCO serves a large and diversified client base, including but not limited to corporations, foundations and high net worth individuals.

AMCO Capital Management Corporation is a duly registered asset management firm,

in Delaware, United States of America, Fed. ID 0101 26667 – 336 8476 with offices at leading nerv centres in the financial world.

Our investment philisophy focuses mainly long-term investment strategies based on clients financial strategies. This firm believes that by keying its investment decisions by watching global financial and commercial market movements, it is able to provide the maximum return for investors.

AMCO Capital Management Corporation will listen to clients needs and find taylor made solutions before an investment will be made. Whatever decision will be made, we always pay attention to a most possible protection against capital losses. 

By using innovative investments, clients will benefit from high profits and high returns within a foreseeable period of time.



      last update  01  July  2013